george is so so beautiful, all of him, every single inch of him, from head to toe, inside and outside, backwards, forwards, upside down, right side up, just EVERYTHING about him is so so so lovely. and it kills me to think that he might be insecure about anything. i mean if i ever hear him refer to himself as a ‘drowned rat’ ever again i’m gonna cry because holy shit george, you are quite honestly the most gorgeous person i’ve ever seen? like, e v e r. not even just physically, but wow, physically he’s already… wow… but everything about him. from the way his hair fluffs up all soft to the twinkle in his eyes and how his nose crinkles when he’s happy, his gorgeous smile and the contours of his body, and just the way he’s built is so nice and how being in his arms looks like the safest place in the world and how giggly he gets when he’s happy and how much love and happiness he has in him, just everything, all of that is what makes him such a beautiful person, and i’m sure there are so many other things about him that i don’t even know of that make him even better than i already think he is, which i don’t even know how that’s possible. but i know what it’s like to be insecure, trust me, i think we all do… i know that no matter what anybody says, you still see yourself however you see yourself and whether that’s in a good light or a bad light, it’s hard to change that view. i know the feeling, and the feeling fucking sucks, and to think he might look at himself and feel that way breaks my heart because i mean, i think if he saw himself through my eyes, he’d know just how wonderful he really is. because when i look at him sometimes i feel like i don’t ever wanna look away. not in, like, a creepy way… but in a way that just looking at him makes me feel so good and happy. i look at him, and he’s golden like pure sunshine, and i wish he could see that. i really hope that he knows that, with all the insecurities he may have had in the past or still has now, i just hope that one day he’ll know and feel as incredible as he really is.

George in Barbados (Jan. 31, 2014)

George & George in Barbados x

George and Jaymi in Barbados (Jan. 31, 2014)

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i really wish for one day george could see himself through my eyes because then he’d see just how beautiful everything about him is

Jaymi in Barbados (Jan. 31, 2014)